Call for Speakers

Time To Clear The Air 2023 Symposium – Call for Speakers

12 Sessions, 3 days and the best clean air educational sessions available

Underwritten by the World Asthma Foundation

In response to a call from Asthmatics and advocates of clean air around the globe, the World Asthma Foundation, (WAF) presents “Time to Clear the Air 2023” Symposium that fosters meaningful discussions and solutions to the world’s most pressing indoor air pollution problems.

May, 3-6, 2023 we will gather virtually for the Time to Clear the Air Summit, and we are thrilled to place this call for speakers for the three day online event. We will hear thought-provoking discussions from leaders across the academic, public and private sectors.

We’re looking for speakers and panelists who can share innovative insights and practical best practices for improving clean air and global health.

In addition to speakers, we also invite CEOs, VC’s and other thought leaders with relevant and engaging ideas or inspiring stories to tell about how best to gain traction on improving the quality of the air we breathe. Feel free to nominate yourself, someone you know, or even a favorite speaker you’ve heard before.

The Time to Clear the Air Virtual Symposium is May 3-4, 2023 at a browser near you at and on Twitter at #TimeToClearTheAir

Please drop us a note using the contact us page or by sending email at timetocleartheairdotcom AT

What we’d like from you:

  • The WAF invites you to lend your expertise by participating as a symposium-style 30 to 45 min presenter or workshop presenter.
  • We would like to hear about your research, study results and ideas to clear the air we breathe
  • We also love creativity and hands-on instructional experiences
  • For solution providers, we would like to hear about clean air technologies including ideas and solutions

The event goals include:

  • Education and support on best practices through the exchange of timely information, programs, advances in research for clean air strategies and programs
  • Practical tools and skills to improve the inside and outside air of your living and work space

Who should attend:

  • Asthmatics and clean air advocates
  • Healthcare professionals including clinicians, researchers, primary physicians, nurses and practitioners
  • Classroom teachers, school staff and administrators
  • Clean air solution providers and industry professionals
  • Anyone interested in fresh air

Topics we hope to cover:

  • Clean air research – what does the science say
  • Clean air legislation – where do we stand today and what do we need?
  • Clean air innovation – current technology and amazing discoveries
  • Clean air in the classroom – challenges, barriers and opportunities for the teacher and administrators
  • Clean air strategies for home or office
  • How avoid serious health effects with mold, radon, Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs, second hand smoke, furnishings such as upholstery, cabinetry or certain wood products, asbestos-containing insulation
  • Effective strategies on how to minimize the risk of serious health effects of airborne contaminants including viruses and bacteria
  • How to select, clean and maintain furnishings such as upholstery, cabinetry or certain wood products for home or office.
  • How to identify and abate asbestos-containing insulation and material.
  • Learn about chemical-free household and office cleaning supplies
  • How to select beauty and personal care products.
  • How to mitigate excessive moisture
    Best practices for heating and cooling and ventilation systems
  • Clear the air about combustion appliances
    Sustainability in green design resources and ideas
  • Clean air – The global landscape
  • Household cleaning products and beauty and personal care products
  • Understanding heating and cooling systems
  • Understanding combustion appliances stoves or other gas appliances, such as water heaters, will increase carbon monoxide
  • Air filtration services
  • HVAC systems
  • Creating your own clean room at home or work – A DIY guide
  • Clean air for the vulnerable – why this really matters.

For questions and or submissions to the Time To Clear the Air Symposium 2023 contact Alan Gray by email at or on the contact us page by clicking here. 

In submitting your application, you acknowledge the following:
1) agree to meet all deadlines for materials
2) there is no compensation for presenting at the symposium;
3) biographical information will be used in conference materials.

Address, City, State, Zip:

  • Brief Biography
  • Presentation Title
  • Brief Description of Presentation (to be included in materials):
  • Learning objectives
    Literature references if applicable
  • Please describe your: 1) professional expertise & qualifications, 2) speaking experience, and 3) list of published work
  • Please provide your resume

To view a list of speakers as well as program materials from other WAF events, visit our conference page

The Time to Clear the Air Virtual Summit will be Febuary 3-4, 2023 online at and #timetocleartheair on Twitter.

Please drop us note by completing the contact us page or by sending email at timetocleartheairdotcom AT